Music Cloud Storage
Store, Sync, Listen to music with LOOP for VOX - the Unlimited Cloud Storage for Your Music.
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  • Unlimited Music Storage.
  • Sync and Play on Mac and iPhone.
  • Original Quality Playback.

Unlimited Music Storage

Upload all your music in LOOP and get infinite amount of cloud space for music without the format restrictions. Don’t worry about losing it again. Forget about caring external hard drives or getting your storage full. Now you will get limitless cloud storage for the music you love.


your music
with You!

Loop for VOX Music Cloud Storage
Sync and Play Music Anywhere

Music stored inside LOOP Music Cloud Storage can be synced and played in the original quality with your Mac and iPhone anywhere and anytime . Your entire music collection in lossless and lossy formats can be cached for the offline playback on supported audio systems.

Loop Unlimited Music Cloud Storage
Original Quality Playback

It’s time to squeeze the maximum sound quality out of your Mac and iPhone. All your music is stored in the original quality without any compression in the unlimited cloud storage specially designed for music. LOOP keeps your music files as it is without any format restrictions.

Store and listen to music with Loop Cloud Storage
Complete Security

We know your concerns about safety. Therefore, in LOOP Music Cloud Storage was designed with multilevel security for your Music files, they are stored on different servers around the world simultaneously. It’s highly protected and with money back guarantee.

What they say about LOOP Music Cloud

My boyfriend showed me this new music storage about half a year ago and I couldn't find better alternative ever since! I store my studio recordings in FLAC and they are playing in FLAC too! First cloud service that doesn't mess up the quality. Thanks y'all!

Lauren, 27, TX

I have a very large music collection heavily weighted to classical and jazz. I also travel a lot in my work. My preferred audio format is flac. I wanted a solution that would allow me to put my collection in the cloud, in the format I wanted, and allow me to access it from anywhere and on any device that had connectivity. Loop appeared to meet all those requirements.

Richard, 43, NJ

I have been using the VOX player on my Mac for a while and loved it. Hence I wanted to try the Loop so I could hear uncompressed music with my iPhone. So far, so good, I got my picky audiophile’s tastes satisfied.

Al, 30, Washington D.C.

I really liked the thought of it and especially given the fact that you allowed unlimited uploads and access. I used to buy external hard drives to store my music and take all of them wherever I travel, but now I use Loop. Very convenient.

Hans, 39, Germany

What I love about Loop: beautiful interface; ability to upload and play high res files across devices; ultra competitive pricing. I already store over 60,000 tracks in there. I’m about to add more ;)

Paul, 25, UK